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Practice Areas

Antitrust Litigation

Our attorneys regularly appear in federal and state courts across the country. While we understand the benefits of avoiding litigation, we are more than willing to go to trial if that is in the best interest of our client. Besides placing our clients in the best position to a successfully resolve the matter, this trial mind-set also disciplines not only the development of a winning strategy but also the often costly pre-trial and discovery processes.

Appellate Litigation

Appellate work starts well before you have won or lost a case. If your case involves a substantial right or dollar amount, you should consider consulting an appellate lawyer during litigation and trial. This will insure (1) you do not waive arguments needed on appeal; (2) you build a full record for an appeal; and (3) you better understand how your case theory will hold up on appeal. Furthermore, because appeals from various forums may have different standards of review, you must be cognizant of the correct standard from the outset of the litigation. Bona Law attorneys have handled a significant number of appeals from federal and state court decisions, including to the Supreme Court.

Civil & Criminal Investigations

Bona Law assists clients in every type of antitrust and competition law-related criminal, civil, and regulatory matters, including investigations, criminal prosecutions, cases brought by regulatory agencies, and internal investigations to respond to auditor inquiries or whistleblower complaints. We represent companies and individuals in investigations and prosecutions brought by both the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, as well as state attorneys general and other government agencies. Our attorneys also have successfully represented clients in investigations and actions brought by competition law enforcement agencies in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Europe, and Asia.

Conduct Counseling & Compliance

At Bona Law we view our role as not only protecting—but also enabling—your business.  The unique blend of our attorneys’ prior experiences—ranging from significant in-house positions to enforcement agencies—enables us to craft both our advice and compliance programs for efficiency and effectiveness.  

Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

Our attorneys have advised on and defended mergers and joint ventures of all sizes—ranging from some of the largest mergers in US history to non-reportable transactions. In addition to advising on strategy and substance, we also negotiate and respond to Second Requests as well as third-party subpoenas and investigative demands. Our practice also includes advising on and assisting with Hart-Scott-Rodino (“HSR”) reporting as well as reporting requirements globally.

Multi-District Litigation (MDL): Complex Antitrust Class Action Defense

Complex antitrust class action cases are unique in litigation—there are few more specialized niches. Not even a decade ago, a company caught up in the blizzard of a multidistrict antitrust class action had no choice but to hire a large, multinational law firm and spend millions of dollars just to keep up with their discovery obligations in the case—let alone to prevail. Only big law firms had the infrastructure, legal talent, and other personnel needed to handle these gigantic, multi-district cases. Today Bona Law has the right team with the right experience to represent companies and individuals in the largest of litigations, including class actions and multi-district litigations.

Regulatory & Political Advocacy

Our attorneys are sometimes called upon by clients to formulate a strategic response to some regulatory, legislative, or political agenda, proposed regulation, or market intervention.  Working at the intersection of law and economics, we combine our government experience with our backgrounds in competition law, economics, and crisis communications, to assist clients in formulating effective and often creative strategic responses.  One area in which our attorneys have been particularly active is in formulating strategic responses to proposed asymmetric regulations and targeted enforcement agendas. These actions include

  • Direct legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Policy issues monitoring
  • Government investigations and inquiries

Industry-Specific Expertise

Bona law is uniquely situated to handle antitrust and competition matters arising in the Sports and Entertainment, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, Food, and Agriculture Industries.

Complex Commercial Litigation

We represent clients prosecuting or defending against commercial disputes: breach of contract, tortious interference, partnership disputes, false advertising (Lanham Act), trade secret disputes, and unfair competition.