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If I Were You, I'd Listen to this Podcast about the NAR’s Antitrust Settlement and How Residential Real Estate Brokerages Should React

April 2, 2024

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In-House to In-House: Counseling, Litigating, and Merging in the Current Antitrust Morass.

February 1, 2024

Two former in-house heads of antitrust at two of the largest U.S. corporations give actionable advice for in-house lawyers framed in the context of trending antitrust and merger-related issues.
Antitrust is hot with new and renewed theories of harm leading to increasing numbers of investigations, challenges, and litigation. This is all well and good until it's your client's turn under an enforcer's microscope or in a plaintiff's sights. How do you deal with these new theories, enforcers, and judges, as we as your CEO, senior management, and employees before and after the crisis hits? You already know the dangers of communication with competitors but what other issues should you be thinking about, or acting on now?

- The single most important thing to know as an in-house antitrust lawyer.
- Getting your clients to ask before they do.
- How to say no and still be viewed as a team player.
- The key to an effective compliance program.
- How to deal with "yes, we did that."
- Which businesspeople do I train, how, and about what?
- The hidden value of pre-merger integration planning.
- Three reasons to call outside counsel for assistance.

Steven Cernak (ex-GM) and Pat Pascarella (ex-AT&T) will touch on all these questions and more with responses relevant to today's hottest antitrust topics.

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If I Were You I’d Listen To This Podcast About Antitrust in Employment Markets in the EU and UK

June 27, 2023

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May 1, 2023



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