Appellate Litigation

Appellate work starts well before you have won or lost a case. If your case involves a substantial right or dollar amount, you should consider consulting an appellate lawyer during litigation and trial. This will insure (1) you do not waive arguments needed on appeal; (2) you build a full record for an appeal; and (3) you better understand how your case theory will hold up on appeal. Furthermore, because appeals from various forums may have different standards of review, you must be cognizant of the correct standard from the outset of the litigation.

Bona Law attorneys, a number of whom are former U.S. Circuit Court law clerks, have handled a variety of appeals in federal and state court including leading the team that convinced the U.S. Supreme Court to set aside 70 years of antitrust precedent in PacBell v linkLine. We have represented both the appellants and appellees as well as amicus. 

The firm has two recent appellate wins in the Tenth Circuit (TPS v. Johns Manville) and the Ninth Circuit (Ariix v. NutriSearch).

Some examples of Bona Law’s Supreme Court amicus briefs include:

Bona Law attorneys are admitted in the following appellate courts:

  • Supreme Court
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Fifth
  • Eighth
  • Ninth
  • Tenth

See here for appellate practice guides for the Eighth Circuit and California state courts.