Multi-District Litigation (MDL)

Multi-District Litigation (MDL): Complex Antitrust Class Action Defense

Complex antitrust class action cases are unique in litigation—there are few more specialized niches. Not even a decade ago, a company caught up in the blizzard of a multidistrict antitrust class action had no choice but to hire a large, multinational law firm and spend millions of dollars just to keep up with their discovery obligations in the case—let alone to prevail. Only big law firms had the infrastructure, legal talent, and other personnel needed to handle these gigantic, multi-district cases. But times have changed, and the market for legal services is changing with them. Boutique law firms with less overhead and concentrated talent can now represent clients in these cases with as much success as large law firms at much lower costs to clients without sacrificing quality of representation or outcome. Bona Law is at the forefront of these exciting changes. Jarod Bona founded Bona Law after spending a dozen years in big law firms because he thought he could do it better. And Bona Law has now demonstrated its capabilities in multiple complex antitrust class action cases.