Media and Entertainment Law

The Media and Entertainment Industry

Bona Law has unique and extensive experience in the media and entertainment industries. More specifically, Bona Law attorney, Steven Madoff, spent much or all of his career advising and representing clients in the media and entertainment fields.

Mr. Madoff developed this experience at large law firms and as in-house counsel at major studios and television networks. Accordingly, Bona Law provides services for all types of litigation and transactional contract matters arising in the motion picture, television, advertising, recording and digital media industries.

Steven Madoff is the former Executive Vice President of Worldwide Business & Legal Affairs for Paramount Pictures’ Pay Television, Home Entertainment and Digital Media divisions. He spent twenty years at Paramount, handling their antitrust and competition matters, supervising their litigation, and leading their transactional matters (joint ventures, cable channel launches and operations, and domestic and international long-term television and digital media output deals. In addition to his work at Paramount—and before that as international counsel to the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.—Mr. Madoff represented other major entertainment companies on various matters, including profit-participation disputes, digital media issues, and copyright law.

Steven Madoff also offers expert services for matters in the Media and Entertainment industry.

Bona Law thus combines substantial expertise in antitrust and business litigation with a first-hand understanding of the media and entertainment industries. So Bona law is uniquely situated to handle antitrust and competition matters arising out of the media and entertainment industries.

In addition to antitrust and competition issues in the media and entertainment industries, Bona law attorneys can also handle trial court and appellate litigation matters involving First Amendment law, copyright, anti-piracy, internet, idea origination, defamation, right of publicity and privacy, talent contracts and profit participation disputes. We also handle all aspects of transactional contract matters (i.e., development, drafting, negotiating, clearance and administration) for domestic and international motion picture, television and digital media production, acquisition, financing, distribution, licensing, hosting and joint venture agreements.

Bona Law attorneys also serve as expert witnesses and prepare expert opinion reports on Entertainment and Media industry matters where they have specialized expertise.

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