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Bona Law’s Luis Blanquez Nominated for Concurrences Antitrust Writing Award

January 23, 2024

Bona Law attorney Luis Blanquez has been nominated for the Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards for his article Antitrust, Web3 and Blockchain Technology: A Quick Look Into The Refusal to Deal Theory as Exclusionary Conduct.

The article discusses the refusal to deal theory in the context of web3 and the Apple Store, i.e., that web3 developers can distribute their apps to iOS devices only through the Apple’s App Store and are required to use Apple’s in-app payment processor through which Apple collects a 30% commission. To illustrate the effects of the restraint, the article examines three web3 app developers suffering antitrust harm due to Apple’s conduct, and more broadly questions whether Apple’s refusal to deal is justifiable from a competition standpoint.

To support Luis’s article, click here. Winners will be announced April 9, 2024. #AWA2024; #AntitrustWritingAwards2024; and #AntitrustWritingAwards