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Getting Started: Antitrust Resources for Startups

February 18, 2023

Bona Law has developed a pre-packaged legal resource with the information startups need to know about antitrust particularly when they’re still small and growing. Why? Even a basic understanding of competition law can help in-house counsel and businesspeople spot potential opportunities in B2B negotiations and prevent harmful and very costly antitrust mistakes. Even the suspicion of an antitrust violation can break a company’s spirit and gut it financially, and any notion that the Department of Justice and civil plaintiffs give a “pass” to emerging companies is false. The smallest and the newest of companies can be on the hook for both criminal and civil competition problems.

But you can’t recognize an antitrust concern—or an antitrust opportunity—if you’re unfamiliar with basic antitrust concepts. Getting Started supplies startups with the language and know-how to spot and address antitrust issues that we see regularly with growing companies. We intend that these materials will function as a reliable alternative to piecemeal online searching or pay-walled antitrust advice.

The first edition of Getting Started is tailored to emerging companies in tech. If that’s you, download the eBook here.