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Four Bona Law Attorneys’ Articles Nominated for 2022 Antitrust Writing Awards

January 21, 2022

Articles by Bona Law attorneys Kristen Harris, Luis Blanquez, Jon Cieslak, and Steve Cernak have been nominated for the Concurrences and George Washington University 2022 Antitrust Writing Awards:

Facebook Wins First Antitrust Battle: The FTC and State Enforcers Fail to Establish (For Now) Facebook’s Monopoly on Social Media Networks by Steven Cernak and Luis Blanquez  

Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Effective Compliant Programs in the Antitrust World: The New Married Couple by Luis Blanquez and Jon Cieslak

The Colgate Doctrine and Resale-Price Maintenance Agreements: What is the Difference Under the Antitrust Laws? by Kristen Harris.