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Advice for In-House Antitrust Lawyers from (Former) In-House Antitrust Lawyers

February 7, 2024

Bona Law partners Steven Cernak and Pat Pascarella offer actionable advice for in-house lawyers framed in the context of trending antitrust and merger-related issues in this free webinar. Steve (ex-GM) and Pat (ex-AT&T) address questions like:

“What is the single most important thing to know as an in-house antitrust lawyer?”

“What is the one key to an effective antitrust compliance program?”

“When should I call outside counsel for help?”

“How do I keep my antitrust compliance program apace with developing technology like generative AI?”

“What are the lessons learned from mergers recently abandoned after challenges by the FTC?”

This webinar provides in-house insights from seasoned veterans that you can use as antitrust continues to heat up, with new and renewed theories of harm leading to increasing numbers of investigations, challenges, and litigation.