Expert Witness Services for the Media and Entertainment Industries

Steven Madoff provides expert-witness services in entertainment and media industry matters.

Steven is qualified to provide these services based on his more than 25 years of experience as an attorney and business affairs executive working both as International Counsel for the Motion Picture Association of America (representing Disney, MGM/UA, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century-Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.) and as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Business and Legal Affairs at Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Mr. Madoff has provided expert witness services in Federal and State Court cases and administrative law and arbitration proceedings. His qualifications as an expert have never been successfully challenged.

Some of the cases in which Steven has appeared as an expert witness have been high profile matters involving major studios and broadcasters. In particular, Steven appeared as an expert witness in a Federal District Court case brought against Warner Bros. involving payments to talent and profit participants in, and Warner Bros.’ exploitation of, the motion picture, “The Exorcist.” He also provided services to Universal Pictures and its parent company, Comcast, in a matter involving the licensing of content to new digital media enterprises and the Comcast Consent Decree. In addition he served as an expert in the litigation involving Univision Television’s long-term output agreement with Televisa Television and new media rights under copyright.

Steven’s primary areas of industry expertise include motion picture and television content marketing, licensing and distribution, digital media, exclusivity and other rights under copyright, talent and investor participations, anti-piracy, media joint ventures, music rights, compulsory and voluntary collective rights management and licensing of motion picture and television content and television channel operations.

When providing services as an expert witness, Mr. Madoff, when required by the particular case, reviews the relevant documents and other evidence, prepares an Expert’s Report and testifies in depositions and at trial.

In addition to providing expert witness services, Steven Madoff also offers legal services relating to antitrust, intellectual property, and contract issues in the entertainment and media industries.

Mr. Madoff is admitted to practice law in both California and New York State.

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