Business Litigation

Bona Law PC attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in matters from complex multi-jurisdictional disputes to basic breach-of-contact. We are aggressive litigators that understand that the best litigation solutions, including settlement, are borne out of outstanding advocacy that effectively and articulately explains the strength of our client’s case. We understand that when our clients come to us they have a business problem. Our role is utilize our expertise as business litigators and counselors to partner with our clients in developing a solution to their problem. Very often, the best advice entails a solution other than litigation. Of course, sometimes litigation or arbitration is the best course of action, and Bona Law is experienced with such battles.

Our antitrust and competition experience further enhances our ability to offer business counseling and to craft solutions arising out of disputes. That is because we study competition every day. So we quickly grasp our client’s position in the market and how different scenarios will affect their ability to compete. We also have experience swiftly learning markets and industries, which is crucial in any litigation, regardless of whether it involves an antitrust claim.

We understand the benefits of avoiding litigation but are more than willing and able to go to trial.

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