US & International Merger Filings

We are uniquely positioned to help companies at the forefront of the new economy with all their antitrust needs, including M&A deals, joint ventures, investigations, IP licensing and distribution practices. Our experienced team guides clients through every stage of the merger process, from initial feasibility studies to obtaining proper government agency approval, always striving to maintain the originally intended structure of each deal. Where competition law requires amendments to deal structures, we are able to use our commercial experience and strong relationships with competition officials and antitrust authorities globally to deliver innovative solutions. We have a proven track record of obtaining unconditional approvals or conditional approvals with minimal corrective measures attached, even in difficult cases where anti-competitive effects appear certain. Our team has deep experience both through government and corporate employment working with international and local law firms in various jurisdictions to obtain approvals from foreign competition authorities in global M&A transactions and US-based transactions. Based on our team’s vast experience, the antitrust and competition team provides highly specialized advice for merger filings, examination procedures, and assessing the anti-competitive effects of a merger.

  • carrying out global multi-jurisdictional assessments to determine where merger filings may be required and evaluate their implications on deal certainty, timing, and outcome
  • advising on the structure of transactions, particularly in the context of joint ventures, and their impact on the number and scope of required merger filings
  • advising on the drafting of deal documentation to optimize our client's position in relation to antitrust risk
  • evaluating the likelihood of merger control clearance and/or possible remedies that might be imposed
  • coordinating the preparation of all required merger filings to ensure consistency of approach on key issues, and to maximize timeliness and efficiency in getting through the regulatory process
  • managing responses to regulators' in-depth investigations (such as Second Requests or Phase II investigations), including, where appropriate, by negotiating the terms of the regulators' requests and using the most advanced technological tools and flexible human resources approaches to assist clients in the collection, review and production of data and documentary materials − all with the goal of maximizing the efficiency and timeliness of the regulatory process
  • drafting presentations, position papers, and other advocacy materials, preparing our clients for appearances before the regulators, and working with outside expert consultants – such as economic experts – to drive toward the most positive outcomes
  • negotiating appropriate remedies in a timely fashion at the most opportune moments in the investigation 
  • litigating the merits of an antitrust challenge